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The equine feed industry is dominated by large organisations either within New Zealand or, increasingly, Australia, producing formulations that match the “average” nutrient requirements of the “average” horse reared, or trained, under “average” New Zealand or Australian conditions.

And your horses deserve better than just “average”!

Mare and foal

Based in Ashburton, the grain and seed capital of the South Island, Supreme Feeds was established by a group of people involved in both the horse racing and feed manufacturing industries, with all having an interest in equine nutrition.  Their goal; to become a dedicated manufacturer of equine feeds formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of the South Island equine sector.

This ideal combination of industry knowledge and skills has led to the launch of a new range of horse feed products marketed under the brands BREEDERS CHOICE, TRAINERS CHOICE, and EQUESTRIANS CHOICE Premium Nutrition Solutions.

Supreme Feeds believes feeds should be formulated to better suit both local and individual requirements using, wherever possible, locally sourced ingredients.

The boutique scale of Supreme Feeds operation allows for the manufacture of breeder or trainer specific formulations to accommodate individual nutritional preferences, ie. the addition of specific supplements, the ability to vary molasses content, and the ability to adjust cereal ratios between oat pellets, barley and maize according to the availability of these feeds on farm.

Supreme Feeds also specialise in manufacturing feeds customised to breeder’s and trainer’s own formulations* using only the best quality products available.



Supreme Feeds is a feed company that talks to its customers and offers customised feed options, at competitive prices, that more appropriately reflect the needs of the equine end-user, and their owner!

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* from 250kg to 1000kg brews


“We were first day clients of Supreme Equine Feeds and have always had great products from them to feed to our horses.  It is always fresh and the ingredients they use are always top quality products which is so important when feeding horses, plus they don’t use filler products to make up weight which also matters.

Their service is great and their ability to make up special brews for different types of horses means we only have to buy from one company.

We are happy to recommend Supreme Equine Feeds products to horse owners and trainers!”

Kezia Murphy and Danny Champion operate a successful thoroughbred racing stable in Ashburton, feeding 40 horses on Supreme Equine products