Trainers Choice...

Developed to provide the nutrients required to sustain rigorous training programmes, the Supreme Equine Trainers Choice range includes 6 formulations targeted at getting the best performance from your horses.

"As Clerk of the Course I have shifted away from traditional thoroughbred to the more athletic quarter horses. They are great horses to be around, they love to work stock whether it be cattle or other horses, are quick off the mark and stay pretty calm when the pressure is on.

 As  experienced trainers and tutors of horsemanship, my wife Annabelle (an open Barrel Racer on the Rodeo circuit) and I have both noticed that our horses have held their weight well this summer and have kept a good diet while travelling."

Craig "Wiggy" Wiggins - International Rodeo Announcer,  Rural Sports Commentator, Trainer, Tutor, and Clerk of the Course,  Ashburton